Is a Guaranteed Home Sale Best For You?

Real Estate

Is a guaranteed sale or a direct purchase of your home really in your best interest?  Here is a real world example of a recent sale.

A new client contacted me who is interested in buying a home and, like many of us, they needed to sell their current one in order to complete the transaction.  They had already spoken with one of the companies that offers to buy the home directly from the owner - a hassle free method to sell it would seem.  Unfortunately the offer was not high enough provide them with the funds needed to purchase their new home.

Fortunately this client was referred to me for a second opinion.  I strategized with them and presented how, with attention to the right details, they could prepare the house for market to maximize their equity.  We calculated the numbers and with the minor home details and list price agreed, they hired me on the spot.

The result?  With proven systems, processes, and marketing strategy in place their house received multiple offers and was under contract in less than one week.

The best part? My seller client is now living in and enjoying their new home because they received more than enough funds from the sale of their old house.

So what can be learned from this?  There is a right way for every homeowner to sell, it's your choice.  Allow me to provide you with a second opinion if you're considering selling directly.  I'm committed to getting each of my clients the most money in the time frame that is right for you.  If a move is in your future, or you're thinking of selling your house now, contact me and let's talk.  I look forward to serving you!